Batman: The Web Series

Batman in Seeds of Arkham

If you search carefully, you can find hidden gems on the Internet. If you know where to look, discovering great content is as simple as the click of a mouse. Whether it’s reruns of your favorite shows, home videos or original storytelling, there’s a plethora of material waiting to be discovered. In my quest for finding new and compelling content, I found Bat in the Sun Productions YouTube’s page that’s filled with original episodes of Batman. Being a fan of the Dark Knight since the franchise was reinvigorated by Frank Miller, I gave the channel a good look to see what they’ve produced. To my delight, they created a Web series that’s both entertaining and visually interesting.

The Web series, or short films created specifically for the Web, takes its queue from comic books and expands on the saga of the Caped Crusader. Although the presentations are no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros., they stay close to the source material, and you get the sense that the series’ producers have a deep appreciation for the Dark Knight. Based on the dates the Web films were posted, they were produced prior to the roll out DC Comics’ “New 52” last year.

The first Web film I watched, Seeds of Arkham, is a sequel to their other popular Web film City of Scars which premiered exclusively on Dailymotion. The film follows the chaos that breaks out in Gotham City after the Clown Prince of Crime dies.

For anyone who’s a fan of Batman, the Web channel is a great place to watch new stories. They have high quality production values that showcase great acting, costumes and makeup. There’s plenty of action to keep any fan of the franchise interested. The choreography is tongue and cheek, but still keeps a level or realism that grounds the film series.

Their work has collected many film festival awards, and has received notable attention from the film industry, as well as a loyal fan base. Their films have been featured on USA Today, MTV, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

The YouTube page includes added extras, like Darth Vader vs Gandolf, Batmobiles Racing, and Joker’s Christmas Spectacular. It’s all done in fun and very entertaining. If you’re looking for new material to watch, give this Web channel a look.

Seeds of Arkham features Kevin Porter, reprising his role as Batman, Xango Henry as Killer Croc, Alexa Mey as Poison Ivy and Aaron Schoenke as Nightwing. To watch Seeds of Arkham, check out the webisode below. To see the complete collection of Batman webisodes click here.

Warning: this video contains graphic violence, adult situations and strong language.


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