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Lindalee Rose on the Scene at Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in London

5 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose was on hand in London to talk to the Cast and Fans in attendance for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who! Our favorite little Whovian chats it up with kids, adults, time-lords and even some aliens all converging together to show their appreciation for the hit BBC show, […]

SUPERHEROES UNMASKED (and the fanboys who hate them) PART 2

Happy Halloween!  There’s no better day than today to follow-up on Superheroes Unmasked Part 1.  Haven’t read that P-Booth yet?  Click here and then click back. Movie stars never play Superman.  They may become stars after the fact, but first they’re plucked from obscurity to inherit the red cape (and some fall back into obscurity […]

Check out the SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR 2-Way Wristwatch Retro Flashback Commercials

There are some really fun commercial spots that began airing this week for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. They feature iconic images of familiar faces from Television and Film, using futuristic watch/wrist communication devices. It’s a real treat to see all these classic and iconic characters together from Get Smart, The Flintstones, Knight Rider, Predator, The Jetsons, […]

SUPERHEROES UNMASKED (and the fanboys who love them) PART 1

Whenever books or plays are adapted to film, something gets modified along the way.  To exist in another medium, things have to change.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Otherwise a 1,000 page Stephen King novel would turn into a 10-hour movie.  Same rule applies to comic books, the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being just […]

Beyond the Marquee: The Web Series (Episode 52) – Hat Thing You Do!

Not many people would guess that a quaint shop located in the heart of Burbank, California could have such an impressive history, but for many years, Baron Hats has been the top hat maker for most of Hollywood and beyond.  Having created over 35,000 hats for Motion Pictures, Television, Broadway, Commercials, Rock Videos, Vegas, Disneyland […]


Next Tuesday, September 17th, Cartoon Network’s THE HIGH FRUCTOSE ADVENTURES OF ANNOYING ORANGE: Volume 3: Fruit Wars,  hits DVD, featuring an all-star guest cast including Jane Lynch, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Tambor, Alice Cooper, Weird Al Yankovic, Tony Hawk, Tim Curry and more! THE HIGH FRUCTOSE ADVENTURES OF ANNOYING ORANGE: Volume 3: Fruit Wars follows Orange and […]

Venture Into the Doctor’s TARDIS Thanks to the Technology of Google Maps!

Over the years Google Maps has offered not just amazing satellite views of places in the Earth we’d never seen from the heavesn, but also some amazing gems of in-the-moment activities on the ground when the Google Map camera made its rounds. But now…clearly someone at Google has taken their love for Doctor Who and […]

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