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Video – STAR WARS: REBELS Full WonderCon 2014 Panel + Cosplay

  The Force was strong with WonderCon — sister convention of Comic-Con — when it came out of hyperspace and landed at the Anaheim Convention Center April 18 – 20. An armada of STAR WARS cosplayers attended from all sectors of the galaxy — and convention goers got to further delve into the STAR WARS […]

Future Comic Book Artists? – Check out the Marvel Creativity Studio!

Do you know or have kids who are budding comic book artists or just like comic book heroes and drawing? Well, we think we have the app for you. Disney Consumer Products and Marvel Entertainment recently announced the launch of the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App, created by eKids, exclusively for iPad. The app delivers a […]

TV’s Depiction of Video Games: Who Gets it Right and Who gets it Wrong?

Even the most dedicated movie and TV buff has to concede that video games are ever increasing in popularity. And as this popularity increases, more and more movies and television programs are choosing to reference and acknowledge video games within their plots and story lines. And yet these scenes depicting video games being played are often among […]

Matty Collector’s Masters of the Universe Classics: Rokkon and Stonedar (Toy Review)

As the opening day of Comic-Con 2013 looms closer, geeks, nerds, cosplayers and enthusiasts of every type are counting the days until the doors open on July 18th.  With as much magic and mystery behind them as that of those within Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Comic-Con is always a blast.  Among the panels and presentations […]

Woo Hoo!!! Now You Can Be Your Own Favorite STAR WARS or STAR TREK Toy!!!

It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted a custom made action figure of yourself you were limited with options. Most included having to send numerous pictures of yourself to a company that specified in sculpting your likeness at a custom scale which would then be molded, painted and finished. Eventually sticking your mug […]

Take an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Lindalee’s New DOCTOR WHO REVIEW Set…

Lindalee is back with 8 more new episodes of Doctor Who Reviews starting this week. Now, get an Exclusive behind-the-scenes tour from Lindalee Rose herself of her recently constructed new set for her popular recap and review web-series. Join our resident Whovian as she takes you on a personal walk-thru of the Studio 23 soundstage, sharing […]

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