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“Blood Money” – BREAKING BAD, Season 5 Ep.9 (TV Review)

In case you missed last night’s season premiere, here’s a recap for Aug 11, 2013’s Breaking Bad, Season 5 Episode 9 – “Blood Money”. Walt may have left the business but he’s still the one who knocks! We’ve waited almost a year for this moment, and it’s finally here.  Now the countdown begins to the final episode EVER, […]

Elijah Wood Teases Season 3 of FX’s “WILFRED”

Beyond the Marquee was on-hand at last Fall’s Disney XD press-junket for “TRON Uprising” where we certainly got our fill about Renegade Programs and Light-cycles. After the digital dust settled, we shifted gears and chatted with the Disney XD star about some of his roles off the Grid, including his character of Ryan Newman on […]

[EXCLUSIVE] BTM Interviews the Winners of SyFy Channel’s Premiere Episode of EXIT

Last night was the World Premiere of EXIT on the SyFy Channel, the first of six episodes that showcases four teams of competitors as they race against time to solve challenges and puzzles in four different rooms. Beyond the Marquee has the Exclusive post-episode interview with recording artist and model Heather Reicher (aka Kid Cadet) who along […]

Watch the Extended Trailer for ABC’s & Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

ABC released an updated trailer for it’s upcoming Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D television series and it looks great! Sure it has the similar vibe of a high end cop show meets Warehouse 13 type adventure, but the fact that it’s one more new element of the Marvel Universe available to partake in, well we’re in! Clark […]

Check out a 2 1/2 Minute Prequel to Next Week’s All New DOCTOR WHO!

With the next 1/2 of Season 7 ramping up next weekend for the first of eight epic adventures, the BBC has just released a prequel to “the Bells of Saint John” (aka episode 7). In this short, The Doctor takes a break on Earth, despondent that he can’t find his (twice) new friend Clara, but who he does […]

2 Weeks and Counting till DOCTOR WHO Returns…

We’ve been marking off the days since the Doctor Who Christmas Special, eagerly awaiting the return of the 2nd half of season 7 of the show, and finally, come March 30th at 8pm, the Doctor is back!!! Since this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the BBC show, you can expect the 8 upcoming episodes […]

The Griswold OLD NAVY Christmas Commercials Continue…

Recently we posted some of the new Old Navy holiday commercials featuring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo reprising their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold from the National Lampoon Vacation movies. Now they are back again with commercials promoting their line of  “Softest Sweaters” at Old Navy. A running joke with the Vacation films was […]

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