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Oz 3D boxart

Oz the Great and Powerful, Sparkling in 3D (Video Review)

  The bold, dazzling and dramatic Oz the Great and Powerful comes to 3D Blu-ray with excellent quality. Nearly critic proof, the film brought one of the largest box office returns for 2013. However, although the film is a masterpiece of cinematography and CGI, the acting and direction do have problems.  The film has also […]

MONSTERS box art

Monsters, Inc., Pops in 3D Blu-ray (Video Review)

  Who could not like one of the cleverest animated movies ever made, Monsters, Inc.? Now available for the first time in a 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Disc 5-disc combo pack, the home entertainment possibilities are joyful.  The fun film with a whole lot of lovable monsters and not so lovable adversaries takes […]

UP 3D boxart

UP, Rises to the Challenge in 3D Blu-ray (Video Review)

  The long list of PIXAR films being released in 3D now includes Oscar winner UP a family favorite that touches the heart and tickles the funny bone.  Released in a 5-Disc box set, the package includes a Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray Discs (2), DVD and Digital Copy just in time for Holiday giving.  If you […]


John Carter, an Action Adventure for Teens on 3D Blu-ray (Video Review)

Technologically  John Carter shines as one of the better films I’ve seen in a couple of years.  The 3D CGI, make-up, puppetry, mixed with fine live action characterization alone is worth the watch. Meld all this technology with the amazing fantasy story by Edgar Rice Burroughs and you have an excellent home movie experience. Much […]



PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES 3D BLU-RAY Review by John Delia Being a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean I just couldn’t wait for the On Stranger Tides 3D Blu-ray and was not disappointed on its quality and content.  The 5-disc combo pack has everything in it for pure entertainment and the […]

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