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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (4K/Blu-ray Review)

Friends and Family know that I am a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean. As soon as the trailers for the movie started to come out for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, I was already clearing space on my home video shelf for it’s inevitable release. This movie for […]

PETER PAN Soars on Blu-ray (Video Review)

One of the most beloved animated Disney film Peter Pan has been released to home video on Blu-ray for the first time.  The high flying antics of this adventure have been around since 1953, but never as sharp and clear as it was in theaters for your home entertainment system.  It’s not just for kids, […]


FRANKENWEENIE Electrifies on Home Video!!! (Blu-ray 3D Review)

  One of the most intriguing animated films to come out this past year, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie puts on a great show for all ages.  The movie now on Blu-ray in a 3D 4-disc combo pack takes the fun into your living room where you can enjoy it close up.  The 3D imagery has all […]


THE LION KING 1 1/2 and THE LION KING 2 Now on Blu-ray (Video Review)

  Two of The Lion King trilogy, The Lion King 1 ½ and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride are now on Blu-ray. The two animated films include some good special bonus features and with the Blu-ray format the picture on my home entertainment center screen is sharper and the colors more vibrant.



PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES 3D BLU-RAY Review by John Delia Being a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean I just couldn’t wait for the On Stranger Tides 3D Blu-ray and was not disappointed on its quality and content.  The 5-disc combo pack has everything in it for pure entertainment and the […]

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