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“Lovelace” A Compelling Biopic (Film Review)

  A very dramatic Lovelace hits theaters this weekend and Amanda Seyfried puts on an incredibly convincing show as the porn star.  The biopic takes a close look at the woman who got her start in the industry and became a household word, although whispered at the time.  Not the average fare, the film tells […]


On the Road, a Flashback to Free Spirited Times (Film Review)

  A road movie with a lot of sexual energy opens this weekend in South Florida.  The film is called On the Road and its brilliant cast makes it a winner.  Taken from a novel by Jack Kerouac, the film gives a view of 40’s America and the challenges faced by a group of free-spirited […]


Emperor, History Up Close and Personal (Film Review)

  Opening this weekend Emperor brings a film based on a true event that brought closure to the war in the Pacific during WWII.  Questionable writing, direction and acting, the historical drama threads a romantic tale inside this biopic that tends to distract rather than add to the meetings between General MacArthur and the Emperor […]

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IRON LADY, a Gifted Performance as Thatcher

    With a genuinely gifted performance, Meryl Streep depicts Margaret Thatcher one of the world’s greatest leaders in The Iron Lady.  Thatcher served as the longest serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and during some of the most trying times.  If you like biographies, real life stores and historical happenings, The Iron Lady […]


J. EDGAR only a Junior G-Man

  The interesting and historical J. Edgar has reached local movie theaters with very good performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts and Judi Dench.  The film has a few flaws, but it does give a good account of the man who was the first director of the FBI.

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