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“’71” (Indie Film Review & Trailer)

  One of the most brutal wars comes to the screen and it does not involve the United States. In this film we get to see one day during the Irish Revolution between the Protestants and the Catholics. Most of us watched the news as the war dragged on for years, but up until now […]

FURY poster

“Fury” Hell in a War Zone (Film Review)

  Showing the violence, guts and destruction of WWII tank fighting, Fury punctuates the story with an explosive tale of death defying courage. Although fictional, the movie is based on the 2nd US Armored division and portrays extensive grisly combat using very realistic images. Explosive, gripping and pervasive the up close look is shattering and […]


“Bethlehem” A Complex Suspense Thriller (Foreign Film Review)

  A cat and mouse thriller, Bethlehem comes to the United States with a complex story that features real places and issues.  The film was Israel’s entrant to the Academy Awards and has received much attention when it played at film festivals around the world.  Now in theaters the film gives insight into the workings […]


“Rise of an Empire” The Greeks Strike Back (Film Review)

  Not all sequels of movies work unless they were a blockbuster, had an unfinished story to tell and had characters that were likeable enough to warrant more screen time. In the case of 300: Rise of an Empire it had an uphill battle to capture all three of the justifications and it comes out […]


“Monuments Men” A Battle for Art (Film Review)

  If you are looking for a big action film from this weekend’s Monuments Men, it’s not.  More of a historical recreation of true events, the movie tries very hard to open a window to an important part of WWII history, but barely achieves it.  Loading the movie with familiar faces of top actors, director […]

LONE poster

“Lone Survivor” An Emotional True Story (Film Review)

  A startling true story reaches theaters this weekend and it’s very realistic. Lone Survivor takes the viewer on an ‘edge of your seat’ trip into Afghanistan with a Navy Seals squad.  It’s not a documentary, but a gut wrenching drama that shows the brutal fighting that goes on in a country in turmoil.  Extremely […]

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No Place on Earth, A Compelling Documentary (Film Review)

  We will probably never know all the stories connected to the WWII Holocaust, but this one shatters the heart and awakens the mind to the danger and heroism that came about during the Nazi regime. It’s called No Place On Earth a documentary with dramatic interpretation of what took place in 1942 when 38 […]

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