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BELOVED poster

Beloved Sisters, a Stunning Tableau with a Captivating Story (Foreign Film Review)

  Based on true facts the gorgeous period piece Beloved Sisters provides a sweeping canvas of romance and aristocratic life during the late 1700s Germany. The light drama delves into a period in the life of poet Friedrich Schiller who became enamored with the Lengefeld sisters that lived Germany’s upper class. If you like to indulge in long nicely […]

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“Houdini” the Exciting Story of an Escape Artist (Video Review)

  The History Channel’s biography of Houdini is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The exciting drama delivers a fascinating story of the greatest magician and escape artist the world over.  The transfer from Cable to home video is nearly flawless and the extra 20 minutes of story in the extended version adds a nice […]


“The Last Sentence” an Act of Selfless Bravery (Foreign Film Review)

The pen is mightier than the sword as proven in WWII when journalist Torgny Segerstedt stood up against the Nazis. The Swedish film, The Last Sentence, tells the true story of a man who defied Hitler and convinced Sweden’s prime minister to not cave in to the evil Nazi Empire that was taking over Scandinavia. Even […]

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“A Wolf at the Door” A Traumatic Nail-biter (Film Review)

Probably one of the best foreign films I’ve seen thus far this year, A Wolf at the Door tells a wicked story that boggles the mind and carries a nasty punch.  Delivering excellent performances all around, writer/director Fernando Coimbra puts his film at the level of City of God.  Working with a true incident so […]


“Bethlehem” A Complex Suspense Thriller (Foreign Film Review)

  A cat and mouse thriller, Bethlehem comes to the United States with a complex story that features real places and issues.  The film was Israel’s entrant to the Academy Awards and has received much attention when it played at film festivals around the world.  Now in theaters the film gives insight into the workings […]

Stranded POSTER

“Stranded” is Story Challenged

  This science fiction thriller starts out well, but burns and crashes when it goes to a familiar place.  Although Stranded does have some good actors and the sets are pretty cool, it’s the recognizable story that makes it a copy cat.  However, if you like films about a stranded group of astronauts that get […]

EVIDENCE poster art

The Terror Level is High in “Evidence” (Film Review)

  Opening this week in select cities Evidence makes its way into Los Angeles on a very busy weekend of summer movies.  The crime film should have a pretty good shot at attracting the horror crowed with this razor sharp gore fest of cutting torch savagery.  The thriller has some realistic camera work with most […]

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