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LORE poster

Lore, a Story of Abandonment and Survival (Film Review)

  One of the most sensitive and disturbing themes fuels Lore, a mesmerizing drama opening this weekend in theaters.  It’s about the opposite side of the coin when Germany gets taken by the Allies during WWII. Seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old German girl, this film takes you on a journey that will shock, […]


Nicky’s Family, an Inspiring Tribute (Film Review)

  Not every stone has been turned about the atrocities on WWII and the people who stood up against the Nazis to make a difference in the world.  Nicky’s Family gets released this weekend and the touching documentary reveals a little known event in history that saved nearly 700 children destined for  gas chambers just […]


Generation P, Making it Big in Capitalistic Russia

With an admirable attempt to make a comedy about a challenged Russia the movie Generation P gets a little overboard on the satire.  Although I like the quirky script, I don’t believe there will be a huge audience for the comic spoof mainly because of America’s lack of knowledge about Russia’s aversion for capitalism. For […]

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4:44 Last Day on Earth (Video Review)

Highly stylized and compelling the movie 4:44 Last Day on Earth has been released on Blu-ray.  The very dark film deals with nature’s wrath while sending a message to the failing atmosphere naysayer. Much like the recent moody Melancholia, the movie takes you on a collision course with death to all mankind.  It’s not an […]

South Park BOXART

South Park 15th Season, Tactless and Indiscreet, YES! (Video Review)

The boys are back at it again in Blu-ray with the release of “South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season” and it’s UNRATED.  Of course, if you are a fan, you probably already knew that.  The hilarious fourteen episodes are devoid of ads and any other interference so you don’t have a lag in the madness […]

POST conquest

THE CONQUEST, A Political Teaser

  Set in France, The Conquest could have easily been translated to a spoof on the government of the United States.  Good acting by Denis Podalydes keeps the story realistic and direction by Xavier Durringer shows he has his finger on the political pulse. If you like a witty take on ‘getting to the top […]


LE HAVRE, A Compassionate Indie

  One of the better foreign films to be released in the US, Le Havre makes a statement about human rights.  I like the way the movie presents the characters, moves the story along and ends on an upbeat note.  If you love movies that put some heart into the storyline, then go see Le […]

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