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FREE STUFF FRIDAY! – WIN a Blu-ray copy of the Documentary; “Floyd Norman: An Animated Life”

It’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY and we’ve got a fantastic Blu-ray for you to add to your home video collection! From the makers of “Drew: The Man Behind the Poster” comes the best reviewed documentary of the Summer ; “Floyd Norman: An Animated Life”. At 80 years old, see how Disney Legend; Floyd Norman, the first African-American animator […]

DELI MAN poster

“DELI-MAN” (Documentary Review & Trailer)

  Hazel, we’re having Deli tonight. After seeing the documentary Deli Man I felt like I could run out and get one of the most sought after sandwiches in America, the Jewish Pastrami on rye with mustard. Umm why ‘sought after?’ Because where there were once thousands of delicatessens in New York City alone, we […]


“ABOVE AND BEYOND” (Film Review & Trailer)

  A very concise and interesting documentary Above and Beyond tells the story of Israel’s war for independence in 1948. For the first time since the valiant group of pilots put themselves in mortal jeopardy, their story comes to a full length movie. It’s a tribute to the word honor and the phrase “for God […]

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“Bears” a Stunning Adventure on Blu-ray (Video Review)

  Breathtaking cinematography captures another Disney Nature feature that compels, mesmerizes and entertains.  Now on Blu-ray and DVD the new adventure Bears takes you on a journey that spans a year in the life of these huge animals in Alaska.  Nicely directed, amazingly captured on film, courageous and adorable it’s an entertaining film for the […]


Kids Take Golf Seriously in The Short Game (Film Review)

  Cute, immersing and enjoyable the documentary The Short Game shows what pint size kids can achieve in the sport of golf.  The film takes you on a journey of amazing challenge, focus and determination as six to eight year olds vie for the US Kids Golf championship.  It’s the kind of documentary that becomes […]

NO PLACE poster

No Place on Earth, A Compelling Documentary (Film Review)

  We will probably never know all the stories connected to the WWII Holocaust, but this one shatters the heart and awakens the mind to the danger and heroism that came about during the Nazi regime. It’s called No Place On Earth a documentary with dramatic interpretation of what took place in 1942 when 38 […]


Nicky’s Family, an Inspiring Tribute (Film Review)

  Not every stone has been turned about the atrocities on WWII and the people who stood up against the Nazis to make a difference in the world.  Nicky’s Family gets released this weekend and the touching documentary reveals a little known event in history that saved nearly 700 children destined for  gas chambers just […]

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