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LECHEF poster art

“Le Chef” A Nice Helping of Good Comedy (Foreign Film Review)

Nicely written, directed and acted, the movie Le Chef conjures up visions of such films as Ratatouille and the creative Julie & Julia. The very quick witted movie takes food preparation to another level.  While other films have tried and failed, this little indie had me glued to the screen with every scene.  If you […]

IN HOUSE poster

In the House, a Cold and Calculating Mystery (Film Review)

  Getting a strong grasp on his characters and developing an edgy mystery, Francois Ozon pulls off a fine tale that cringes while it titillates. This fresh take on a different kind of predator puts In the House on a must list for those who like the unusual.  Well acted and directed this movie import […]


Delicacy, a Sweet Romance (Film Review)

A sweet film with Audrey Tautou opens this weekend and it’s one that women everywhere should enjoy.  It’s called Delicacy and features an age-old story but told in an interesting new way.  The touching little romance film sets up date night and an opportunity for the guys to latch on the gal they have been […]


THE ROUNDUP (La Rafle), a Chilling True Story (Film Review)

  It’ not often enough that we can get reminded in film of some of the more dismal times from the past, especially those that show ‘man’s inhumanity to man.’  This happens to be the case of The Roundup a French film that captures a period in history covering the cruel extermination of a helpless […]

POST conquest

THE CONQUEST, A Political Teaser

  Set in France, The Conquest could have easily been translated to a spoof on the government of the United States.  Good acting by Denis Podalydes keeps the story realistic and direction by Xavier Durringer shows he has his finger on the political pulse. If you like a witty take on ‘getting to the top […]

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