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EVIDENCE poster art

The Terror Level is High in “Evidence” (Film Review)

  Opening this week in select cities Evidence makes its way into Los Angeles on a very busy weekend of summer movies.  The crime film should have a pretty good shot at attracting the horror crowed with this razor sharp gore fest of cutting torch savagery.  The thriller has some realistic camera work with most […]

POSTER SilentHouse

SILENT HOUSE, A Terrifying Drama (Film Review)

  What starts out as a horror flick turns into a terrifying mindbender in the movie Silent House.  Not a very good script and a bit too sophisticated for most fans of the genres, there’s little doubt that it will not last at the box office.


THE THING, a Prequel or a Sequel?

By John Delia Fans of the film The Thing (1982) beware; even though the movie takes you back to the Norwegian outpost providing a beginning to John Carpenter’s film with the same title, this one may as well have been a remake.  Those that have never seen Carpenter’s masterpiece however, will get all the chills […]

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