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Wolf of Wall Street, Rings the Bell (Film Review)

  One of the toughest things to do in film making is to take a true story or biography and make it into a comedy.  Called The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s a factual tale that takes you into the underbelly of a corrupt stock broker who swindles huge amounts of money from many investors […]

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Chaos, Mayhem and Comedy It’s The Family (Film Review)

  A fine cast, a notable director and some very nice camerawork create Luc Besson’s newest film The Family.  Delivering a lot of family angst mixed with a good measure of chaos the movie works its way into the kind of dark comedy that often takes a chunk out of the box-office.  Starring Robert De […]


Pain & Gain, A Dark Comedy (Film Review)

  Continuing to make exciting films Michael Bay releases Pain & Gain a movie that’s reminiscent of his storytelling with the wild and enthusiastic Bad Boys, but far from his explosive films like Transformers and Armageddon. Here he takes you on a roller coaster ride with a true crime story, a dark comedy that gets […]

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THIN ICE, Delightfully Deceiving (Film Review)

  It seems like ages that a movie featuring a good cunning tale unraveled on the big screen and I’m happy to say Thin Ice fits the bill.  A smartly written well-acted story with so many twists and turns I found myself wondering, “How did I not see that coming”?  It’s a deceiving, manipulative and […]

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