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24 DAYS poster

“24 DAYS” (Foreign Film Review & Trailer)

  Kidnapping for money has become common in many countries getting huge sums of cash from rich families. So in the film 24 Days the kidnappers target their quarry on the notion that all Jews are rich and have access to large amounts of money. The story is true, the events are heinous and the outcome reeks with anti-Semitism. What also rings clear are […]

Wolf Wall Street POSTER

Wolf of Wall Street, Rings the Bell (Film Review)

  One of the toughest things to do in film making is to take a true story or biography and make it into a comedy.  Called The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s a factual tale that takes you into the underbelly of a corrupt stock broker who swindles huge amounts of money from many investors […]

CUP posterart

The Cup, A Grueling Sports Film (Film Review)

Entering the film market the week after the running of the Kentucky Derby, The Cup, a true horseracing story, makes it’s bid for the sports fan base.  A true account of one of a first ever winners by a non-Australian horse in a race dominated by the continent’s best runners, this film works not only […]

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