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“A Wolf at the Door” A Traumatic Nail-biter (Film Review)

Probably one of the best foreign films I’ve seen thus far this year, A Wolf at the Door tells a wicked story that boggles the mind and carries a nasty punch.  Delivering excellent performances all around, writer/director Fernando Coimbra puts his film at the level of City of God.  Working with a true incident so […]


Spring Breakers, a Bikini “Bust” (Film Review)

  Glitz, glamor, gross, guns, and gratuitous nudity, violence, drugs and sex, that’s the sum of the new film Spring Breakers in theaters this weekend.  While they bill the film as a comedy, there’s not much of that and as for drama the acting’s so poor it’s more laughable than tragic. I will say that […]

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WANDERLUST, a Wacky Comedy (Film Review)

  With not a lot of wacky romance films in theaters Wanderlust may be the right ticket for you and your date.  Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it’s still passable, especially if you aren’t critical of stories that are a bit goofier than the ordinary. The script gets obsessive in a brazen […]

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