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“Gone Girl” a Baffling Crime Thriller (Film Review)

  It may be a little long, get pretty dicey and turn your head in disgust, but Gone Girl will win you over in the end. The brilliantly written crime drama has this year’s top performances, creative direction and enough twists to curl a whole head of hair. From its cunning elementary opening the audience […]

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“The Equalizer” Denzel gets Bold and Brutal (Film Review)

  Returning to the screen with a very pervasive performance, Denzel Washington stars as a vigilante marauder in The Equalizer.  Providing a character with high intensity the movie conjures up memories of the violence in Safe House, Man on Fire and Training Day, three of Washington’s most fierce portrayals. There’s not much comedy to lighten […]

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“Under the Skin” A Provocative Chiller (Film Review)

  Dark, brooding, wicked, seductive, mesmerizing and more, Under the Skin is a vision of disturbing eroticism and mystery.  Featuring an absorbing performance by Scarlett Johansson in a complex role with many empty pages of dialogue, the film shamelessly burros into the viewers mind.  Slowly letting out clues, director Jonathan Glazer leads his audience on […]


“Transcendence” Tampering with the Future (Film Review)

  Working on its viewers with the promise of a chilling Sci-Fi thriller, in the end Transcendence fails to deliver. While the beginning of the film does offer an intriguing view of what could happen if a research company developed independent network with enough power and information to find a cure for cancer, the movie […]


“Raid 2” An Action Packed Crime War (Foreign Film Review)

  It’s a knock down drag out fight to the finish in The Raid 2: Berandal a chopsocky film that unleashes nearly every known hand-to-hand fighting method in a period of two and a half hours.  The action crime film takes the viewer on a gut wrenching ride reminiscent of Jet Li in The Enforcer.  […]

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“Captain America” An Action Packed Thriller (Film Review)

  Next to the Iron Man series, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes in a close second.  The very compelling storyline, creative action, excellent direction and above all good acting combine to put this super hero in the forefront.  Not so sci-fi fantasy, the Captain works to protect and serve. He’s an Ethan Hunt […]

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“Divergent” A Young Adult Thriller (Film Review)

  Looking to take over where other young adult films have made big splashes, Divergent takes center stage at the box-office this weekend.  Taking aim at this very lucrative market the film features actors that are engaging, a story that’s hip enough to garner their interest and a top notch production that envisions the tale […]

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