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“Transcendence” Tampering with the Future (Film Review)

  Working on its viewers with the promise of a chilling Sci-Fi thriller, in the end Transcendence fails to deliver. While the beginning of the film does offer an intriguing view of what could happen if a research company developed independent network with enough power and information to find a cure for cancer, the movie […]


FAST & FURIOUS 6, a High Octane Thriller (Film Review)

  Flying off the line Fast & Furious 6, a high velocity crime thriller, starts in high gear and never slams on its brakes till mid final credits.  Stacked with a returning cast, their seasoned director and an amazing film crew the movie continues on its road to victory lane with yet another top sequel. […]


MUD, An Obsessive Love Story (Film Review)

  It’s time for Matthew McConaughey to step up and do what he does best and in Mud he nails the role.  The cool little Indie has all the trappings of a good film including, a taught plot, good direction and a couple of kids that can act to boot. If you like movies that […]

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Admission, a Movie About Rejection (Film Review)

  An interesting film for the subject matter that’s shows the inner workings of a student Admissions Department at a major college and a spoof that dampens the credibility of that office, plagues the film Admission now in theaters. The film could have easily been an episode on a television show rather than a major […]


Snitch, What Would You Do? (Film Review)

  Actor Dwayne Johnson gives a powerful performance in the action drama Snitch opening in theaters this weekend.  The film, Based on true accounts, takes you on a suspense filled ride under the fine direction of famous stuntman Ric Roman Waugh.  Although the film does provide insight about how the justice system works, the hard […]


Beautiful Creatures, a Be’witch’ing Teen Romance (Film Review)

  Teen romance comes to the screen once more with the supernatural thriller Beautiful Creatures doing its best to break the mold switching from vampire lust to wooing witchery.  It’s Twilight only better.  The film takes you into the coven of some nasty people who want to preserve their species no matter the cost to […]

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The Hobbit, a Magnificent Start to a Jackson Trilogy (Film Review)

  Middle-earth returns to theaters with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and it’s a welcome home to J.R.R. Tolkien’s storytelling.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Lord of the Rings on the big screen until seeing this beginning of another Peter Jackson trilogy.  If you are a ‘Rings’ lover, then it’s time to put […]

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