A Preview of Fall TV’s New Shows and Old Favorites

The road to Fall TV shows await you...

The road to Fall TV shows await you…

Here at Beyond the Marquee we believe that leaves changing colors and the start of the football season aren’t the only things to look forward to when Autumn arrives. It also marks the return of your favorite TV shows and the debut of promising new ones. We have our lists of one’s we’re anticipating watching and reviewing, how about you? Here’s a sneak peek of the series we think you’ll be as hooked on and hopefully love as well, coming this Fall.



‘Boardwalk Empire’ (September/HBO)

Following gangsters in the prohibition days makes for good drama. Plenty of plot threads remains to be resolved going into the fourth season. Gillian’s life also hangs in the balance after overdosing on heroin.


‘Sons of Anarchy’ (September/FX)

Season six of the motorcycle crime drama promises to be one of the most contentious yet. Gemma could be forced to deal with the fallout from setting up Tara to be arrested. Clay will likely be seeking revenge for Jax’s attempts to have him killed. There is also a U.S. Marshal on the tails of the gang because he is out for blood after his sister’s death. There will be plenty of blood to be had.


‘Homeland’ (September/Showtime)

Season two ended with a bang — literally — in the acclaimed spy series with the CIA headquarters bombing. The big question is how this will affect Carrie and her romance with Brody. She was forced to sneak him across the Canadian border after he became the primary bombing suspect. Season three will likely spend time tackling their fate.

There are also several noteworthy shows coming to the small screen this season. Keep an eye out for these promising pilots.


‘The 100’ (September/CW)

Another recipe for post-apocalyptic drama is served up— this time by the CW. TV Guide notes this new series centers on a spaceship filled with 100 juveniles sent back to Earth a century after a nuclear war wiped out civilization. Their mission is to see if Earth is suitable to be colonized again. Henry Ian Cusick (“Lost”), Isaiah Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Kelly Hu (“The Scorpion King”) headline the ensemble cast.


‘Almost Human’ (September/FOX)

J.J. Abrams seems to be controlling all science fiction at this point. Abrams has his hands in “Star Trek” reboots and “Star Wars” sequels. Now he has another series on FOX that TV Guide notes will feature LAPD officers (partnering with androids) to solve crimes. It is an unusual take on the usual police procedural stuff seen on TV. The cast will feature Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Minka Kelly.


‘The Blacklist’ (September/NBC)

James Spader (“Boston Legal”) returns to NBC as what TV Guide describes as the world’s most-wanted criminal. He plays a master criminal who turns himself in and offers to bring in all of his criminal associates. His only condition: to work solely with a new FBI agent (Megan Boone) who has no history with him.


‘Crazy Ones’ (September/CBS)

Robin Williams returns to TV for the first time since “Mork and Mindy” made him a star more than three decades ago. He pairs with another TV veteran, Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”). They play a father and daughter who, according to the Business Insider, team up to work in advertising.


Cable and broadcast networks start premiering fall schedules in September, which gives you plenty of time to sign up for the necessary channels. Basic cable and satellite packages start around $30 monthly, according to getdirecttv.org, plus you’ll get four premium stations free for three months — just enough time to watch a complete season of a new or returning series.


Article by Guest Writer; April Cambell – April is a film reviewer and TV gossip columnist loving the California life.


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