“Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviews” Celebrates it’s 1st Year Anniversary on Beyond the Marquee Today!

Lindalee Rose on the set of her new Doctor Who Review Web-Series

Lindalee Rose on the set of her new Doctor Who Review Web-Series

Last Labor Day weekend, an unexpected occurrence happened, a father who shared watching BBCs Doctor Who, one of his favorite sci-fi TV programs with his young daughter, recorded her talking about the most recent episode they’d just viewed together. What happened next, no one could have predicted. Shortly after Season 7’s premiere episode of “Asylum of the Daleks”, little 4 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose excitedly recapped the episode for her parents on the family video camera and we here at Beyond the Marquee were offered the edited video a couple days later to post up on our site exclusively. Little did we know that Steven Moffat, the Executive Producer for Doctor Who would stumble upon the video and by the end of the week, retweet it to all his 400K fans on Twitter, from there Lindalee Rose suddenly became an overnight viral sensation on the web. Her YouTube video skyrocketed with hits and Whovians were thirsty for more. One year later we celebrate over 2 dozen videos she’s created for us here at BTM and look back at some of the highlights from her out of this world adventures thus far, and get a sneak peek of whats to come in the future, just read ahead. Congrats Lindalee!


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September 3rd, Lindalee’s “Asylum of the Daleks” premieres and becomes one of her most popular and most viewed videos to date. Various mainstream Entertainment News outlets around the web to this day, continue to re-post her inaugural episode.



Lindalee delivers an emotional and expressive recap and review of one of the most anticipated Doctor Who episodes of the season “The Angels Take Manhattan”



After 5 episodes, Midnight Oil Creative (a local Los Angeles Motion Picture Movie Marketing/Print/Design company) offer to make Lindalee a custom TARDIS of her very own for her review series.


5 months into her reviews Lindalee attends her very first Doctor Who sci-fi convention in Los Angeles. At Gallifrey One she was given access as Press/Media to not only interview fans, but cast and crew from the Doctor Who series as well. It’s here she meets her very first “Doctor” Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor), and shares some stage time in front of thousands of attendees with one of the beautiful companions of the series, Freema Agyeman (aka Martha Jones)


Kicking off the 2nd half of Season 7, nearly seven months after her first video, Lindalee gives her growing legion of worldwide fans a tour of her newly constructed set at Studio 23 Productions, the home of Beyond the Marquee and now the new home as well to Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviews.


What started out as a simple solicit to increase interaction with fans, evolved into Lindalee’s first Spin-off web-series of it’s own. Lindalee’s Doctor Who Fan Art Submissions segment showcase some imaginative Doctor Who fan art, created by her talented and creative fans who span the globe from as far as Russia, China, Poland, the UK, Israel, Denmark, Argentina and all over the United States.


And as it begins, so it ends, “The Name of the Doctor” the season finale of the 7th Season of Doctor Who airs with a surprise ending no one anticipated, including our resident Whovian!


A shocking start of Summer news announcement is made, the resident actor Matt Smith who plays “the Doctor” is stepping down from the role. Lindalee shares her thoughts on his departure as well as her best wishes to Matt Smith.


2 months later, a new actor is revealed to be stepping in at the end of the year to replace Matt Smith as the Doctor regenerates once again. This time actor Peter Capaldi will take on the role of the 900 year old time-lord. Lindalee addresses some questions that she, along with many of her fellow Whovians have about this new Doctor to be.


In August of 2012, Beyond the Marquee becomes a part of “the Nerdist” Alliance, one of the first collaborations included a request for Lindalee to contribute to The Nerdist’s “GEEK WEEK” theme on YouTube. She fired up the TARDIS and headed out to a charity bowling tournament in her TARDIS, only to find herself to be a fish out of water with the out of this world range of characters who were on hand for the event as well.


And what’s next for this fiery young fan who has a passion for sci-fi television, a natural knack for celebrity interviews and a growing fan base from around the world? Take a look…


*This Fall the TARDIS rematerializes back at the Studio 23 soundstage as Lindalee gets warmed up for the return of the series in November. She’ll be continuing her Fan Art series, reviewing some of her favorite Classic Who episodes and highlighting some fun animated Doctor Who fan made videos she’s recently discovered on the web.

* In Winter Lindalee and a more in-depth story of her Doctor Who fandom, will be showcased in a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who book called “The Doctor and I” being published by WhovianNet.com one of the show’s top fan sites.

* For the show’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in late November, Lindalee has been invited by BBC Worldwide to attend the Sold Out event in London as Press/Media. As she did at Gallifrey One in the USA, she’ll now have the chance to meet and interview fans, cast and crew of the sci-fi series, in it’s native country of the UK. Working once again in conjunction with “The Nerdist”, Lindalee has some fun and exciting ideas for some exclusive segments you’ll see only on Beyond the Marquee and TheNerdist.com shortly after the big birthday bash!

* In February 2014, Lindalee returns to Gallifrey One for her 2nd year to meet and chat with more of her fellow Whovians and more cast and crew from the show.

* Spring of 2014, in the works, a possible return to the UK for a set visit in Cardiff, Wales to meet the new Doctor and take a tour of the TARDIS itself.


Thanks to all of our friends and followers who have supported Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviews and we look forward to another year of our darling little Dalek loving corespondent as she embarks on many more adventures.


Lindalee reviews The Bells of Saint John

As Lindalee says at the end of each of her episodes “See WHO Next Time!”


Have Fan Art or an Email for Lindalee? Drop her a line at; Lindalee@BeyondTheMarquee.com

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  3. […] of being a Doctor Who fan. We are particularly proud that Beyond the Marquee’s own resident Doctor Who Fan/Reviewer Lindalee Rose was asked to share her own story and adventures of being a young Whovian for the book as well. Be […]

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