*BTM EXCLUSIVE* Bob Gale Reveals the Dust Jacket of the New BACK TO THE FUTURE Collectibles Almanac

Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of the BTTF Trilogy holds the printers proof for the “Back to the Future Almanac”

Today, history…future history, just happened to be made when Bob Gale, co-creator/writer/producer of the Back to the Future trilogy, succeeded in signing off on the printer’s proof of the new, soon-to-be-released, “Back to the Future Almanac”.

Jennifer Smith, co-author of the book and our resident Beyond the Marquee Sci-Fi correspondent, sent BTM staffers a picture of our good friend, Mr. Gale, proudly holding up the new book complete with dust jacket. No word yet on whether they opted to utilize dust-repellent paper. Underneath the customized jacket, the book’s cover actually does resemble the 2015 Grays Sports Almanac as seen in Back to the Future Part II. A fitting tribute and design for a real life Back to the Future Almanac.

Published by Arkitext Ltd., the “Back to the Future Almanac” (1985-2015) will be the Official Collector’s Guide for all things Back to the Future covering merchandise made throughout 30 years of the complete movie trilogy, “Back to the Future: The Animated Series,” the Universal theme park rides, the comic book series, and beyond. It’s the best thing fans can get for time-travelling back through decades of memorabilia, artwork, books, time machines and the toys created for the greatest film trilogy of all time.

Hover on to read more about how you can bet on getting this Almanac in your collection.


The art of the Back to the Future Almanac dust jacket

The art of the “Back to the Future Almanac” dust jacket


Working closely with Back to the Future writer and producer, Bob Gale, authors Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith have assembled the ultimate Back to the Future collector’s guide. Fans of the Back to the Future films will no doubt revel in seeing artifacts mentioned that they may currently have in their collections, once owned, wished they had, or never even knew existed. It’s all listed in this impressive 250-page tribute to the Back to the Future franchise which contains over 600 full-color photos of Back to the Future items released throughout the years.

The limited hardcover edition with dust jacket retails for $59.95 plus shipping and handling.





Due to a slight temporal displacement, the book’s destination time will be in the future in exactly one month. Instead of being released in mid-November 2014, the book will appear on our timeline and be shipped during mid-December 2014. Don’t worry, we’re told that the molecular structure of this fantastic and lavishly illustrated book is completely intact. So, in precisely one month from this posting, we shall catch up with the Almanac!

Read more at http://www.bttfalmanac.com/


The inside cover to the Back to the Future Almanac

The inside cover of the “Back to the Future Almanac” looking just like a Gray’s Sports Almanac – clever and appropriate!




Bob Gale holds the Printers Proof of the Back to the Future Almanac

BTM’s good friend, Bob Gale, holds the printers proof for the “Back to the Future Almanac”


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  1. I wonder if our two Back to the Future books are included in it…

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