Seven Superpowers that Would be Great to have in real life Scenarios

This guy won the lottery when he realized his Uber ride was Superman!

This guy won the lottery when he realized his Uber ride was Superman!

We’ve all been in those situations. A moment in time where frustration builds, time is against is, a distance is just too distant, the elements are working against us and life just laughs in the face of us mere mortals.

BUT, what is were…immortal? What if we possessed a little something extra, something that gave us an advantage over the rest, something that worked in our favor to make life simpler, faster, more efficient and fun. What if we had…a Super power!

How convenient would it be to have the abilities ripped from the comic book pages of some of our favorite and most iconic heroes? Well we thought we’d  examine the scenarios! 


Up, Up and Away from Rush Hour!

Up, Up and Away from Rush Hour!


Being stuck in a traffic snarl is never any fun. It is time consuming and stressful especially if it makes you late for your destination. What if you could just instantly morph into Superman and fly above the mess and arrive at your location in seconds?



I've had a rough day Bub!

I’ve had a rough day Bub!


Have you ever gotten the flu bug at the most inopportune time? Having a similar super power to that of the Wolverine would definitely be convenient in these situations. Quickly heal from your illness and be healthy and ready to go for your event.



I feel like going for a swim...

I feel like going for a swim…


Night vision like that used by Aquaman could come in very handy. Consider times when the power goes out or you may be wandering about at night. Regardless the situation, you would not long be fumbling around for a flashlight or a match for a candle.



Geez, all I wanted to do was go get a Pizza, next thing I know I'm dodging missiles...

Geez, all I wanted to do was go get a Pizza, next thing I know I’m dodging missiles…


Having enhanced reflexes would be a practical superpower. You can prevent accidents from happening whether it is in your home or on the road. For instance, you may know ahead of a time that your child may be beamed by a baseball at a game, know ahead of time and protect them from the hit.




I’m dying in this thing, what was I thinking wearing a hooded cloak to a desert planet?

Luke Skywalker

With a power simply known as “The Force”, Luke Skywalker has many different capabilities. One of these includes having visions about things that will occur in the future. This can be helpful to know if something bad is coming to try to prevent it.



I sense that you're bluffing...

I sense that you’re bluffing…

X-Men’s Professor Charles Xavier

His ability to read minds could be helpful when enjoying casino gaming whether it’s mobile casino or at a land based venue. When playing table games such as poker, you can read your opponents mind to determine what cards they are holding.


While these are just a few possible super powers that can be quite handy on a daily basis, the list goes on.

Which power would you like to have the most?


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