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Seven Superpowers that Would be Great to have in real life Scenarios

We’ve all been in those situations. A moment in time where frustration builds, time is against is, a distance is just too distant, the elements are working against us and life just laughs in the face of us mere mortals. BUT, what is were…immortal? What if we possessed a little something extra, something that gave […]

[VIDEO] We Check out ‘STAGE 48’ at the Warner Bros. Studio (BTM: the Web-Series, Ep.84)

Beyond the Marquee Host Jon Donahue and Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood VIP Tour Guide John Kourounis team-up to take you behind the scenes of the new interactive ultimate TV & Movie experience known as Stage 48. This unique attraction, (part of the Warner Bros VIP Studio Hollywood Tour) offers fans the rare opportunity to not […]

Truth, Justice, and the Pursuit of Relevancy: Superman Vs The Elite (Film Review)

In the next entry of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, the Man of Steel battles with powerful villains and a society more interested in retaliation than justice when a new, jaded breed of super hero called The Elite gain worldwide popularity for brutally killing their foes in Superman Versus The Elite. Despite their fame, […]

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