Back to the Future DeLorean Reveal & FULL Panel Q&A at the Petersen Auto Museum and Beyond the Marquee were on hand at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Wednesday, April 20th for the exclusive unveiling of the original ‘A’ car DeLorean time machine from ‘Back to the Future’. After the tarp was pulled back to reveal the fully restored and iconic car used in the movie trilogy, the museum then hosted a panel discussion featuring ‘Back to the Future’ screenwriter and co-creator, Bob Gale, the car’s restoration team, and Universal Studios Hollywood Creative Director, John Murdy.

The panel discussion covered many topics about the car including the genesis of the prop car, its construction for the film, and the painstakingly detailed restoration effort to bring the car back to its original glory.

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Cameras: Steve Czarnecki / Kevin Stern (Beyond the Marquee)
Special thanks to: Adam Langsbard & Michael Bodell

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