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The Laughter Continues “22 Jump Street” (Film Review)

  Taking step two, the sequel 22 Jump Street sends the boys to college.  The hilarious comedy extends the life of the series by one and puts Jump Street on a road to a possible franchise.  Sit through to the end just as the credits roll for some very funny poster takes on possible new […]


“Raid 2” An Action Packed Crime War (Foreign Film Review)

  It’s a knock down drag out fight to the finish in The Raid 2: Berandal a chopsocky film that unleashes nearly every known hand-to-hand fighting method in a period of two and a half hours.  The action crime film takes the viewer on a gut wrenching ride reminiscent of Jet Li in The Enforcer.  […]

3DAYS KILL poster x

“3 Days to Kill” A Spy Thriller (Film Review)

  Emotionally and action charged 3 Days to Kill features a fine cast, direction by McG and top notch cinematography.  The CIA thriller follows a script by Luc Beeson who also oversees the movie as producer.  Taught drama mixed with tongue in cheek comedy makes for a cool secret agent film that should appeal to […]

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“Robocop” All Action and Thrills (Film Review)

  Although quite predictable, Robocop does entertain.  Targeted to the tweens, teens and twenties the movie gets right into the action from the beginning, lags somewhat in the middle then ends with a loud crescendo. My fellow critics may disagree with my assessment, but I did like the film very much. It reminds me of […]

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“American Hustle” a Wacky Con Game (Film Review)

  Wacky and wild the comedy/drama American Hustle puts on a great show from the glitz and glamor of the nightlife to the plunging necklines of the women who make it a madcap piece of work. The film takes you on a journey, no an adventure, in the realm of the con artist and provides […]


THE COUNSELOR, a Reckless Web of Deceit (Film Review)

No surprises here, Ridley Scott continues his inscrutable melodramas with The Counselor; a weak film that’s well-acted by a stellar cast, but with a theme that’s worn-out. While the cinematography gives his film a nice flare, the story and script by Cormac McCarthy (who gave us No Country for Old Men and The Road) could surely […]

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Runner Runner, A Chancy Roll of the Dice (Film Review)

  There are a lot of things you may not know about online gambling, but if you’re interested Runner Runner tells all.  The movie features two of Hollywood’s prominent stars Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck who face off against each other in a world that pays off big if you are on the right side […]

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