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Prisoners, A Relentless Crime Thriller (Film Review)

  Powerful, relentless and suspenseful Prisoners opens in theaters this weekend with a story of abduction that’s gut wrenching to the core. Much like the urgency and feel of Ransom, this film takes you deep into the helplessness of a child kidnapping.  Probably a contender for an Oscar nomination for best picture, the action thriller […]

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Chaos, Mayhem and Comedy It’s The Family (Film Review)

  A fine cast, a notable director and some very nice camerawork create Luc Besson’s newest film The Family.  Delivering a lot of family angst mixed with a good measure of chaos the movie works its way into the kind of dark comedy that often takes a chunk out of the box-office.  Starring Robert De […]

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Closed Circuit a Terrorist Tale (Film Review)

  This cat and mouse thriller takes a startling twist as it weaves a tale of terrorism and trust in the film Closed Circuit.  The story rules the feature with compelling writing under the direction of John Crowley.  It plays out like a John Grisham novel with edge of your seat suspense and tense courtroom […]


Getaway, An Action Attraction (Film Review)

  Burning rubber for nearly 90 minutes the movie Getaway slams into theaters this weekend.  It’s not Fast and Furious or even a remake of The Getaway, but a script that emulates films like Bullet, Drive and a myriad of car chase films. It’s non-stop action from the word go, pushing the tachometer into the […]

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“2 Guns” Action Loaded (Film Review)

  The pairing of Denzel Washington with Mark Wahlberg turned out to be a good choice as the action boys in 2 Guns.  Under the direction of Baltasar Kormákur the two are quarrelsome and rough, yet their interplay deals out plenty of comedy in this terrific crime action thriller. If you enjoy watching films like […]


The Heat, A Wacky Buddy Comedy (Film Review)

  One of the better comedies to be released this year, The Heat has a lot going for it with a fine cast, good comedic writing and some nice direction from Paul Feig who gave us Bridesmaids. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Melissa McCarthy one of the top comics in the business as […]


FAST & FURIOUS 6, a High Octane Thriller (Film Review)

  Flying off the line Fast & Furious 6, a high velocity crime thriller, starts in high gear and never slams on its brakes till mid final credits.  Stacked with a returning cast, their seasoned director and an amazing film crew the movie continues on its road to victory lane with yet another top sequel. […]

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