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“FIFTY SHADES OF GREY” (Film Review & Trailer)

  This review may be a little nontraditional for my readers, but I thought why not give a real interesting observation of Fifty Shades of Grey based on what the mood was at the screening I attended. The auditorium was packed with women 21 to 40 and the very few men, mostly critics and others […]


“MOMMY” (Foreign Film Review & Trailer)

  Brought to the screen in a very compelling and aggressive way, the film Mommy shows the graphic nature of one mother’s dealing with ADHD and now faces a choice no parent should have to make. The film may be on the long side, but could not have been as heartfelt and explicit had it been […]


“TIMBUKTU” (Foreign Film Review & Trailer)

  The movie opens with a young gazelle running in the sand dunes of Timbuktu. Chasing the beautiful docile animal in a pickup truck are members of the Jihadists shooting their rifles in its direction. “Do not shoot the animal, we just want to tire it out” says their leader. It’s an act of domination […]


“THE BOY NEXT DOOR” (Film Review)

  No surprise here, Jennifer Lopez is still good to look at on the big screen. Glowing and gorgeous the actress brightens up the screen in most of her scenes. However, that’s all that’s good about The Boy Next Door.  There’s sloppy acting, off standard direction, choppy editing and a story so predictable I couldn’t wait till the […]


Still Alice, a Heartfelt Drama that Delivers a Punch (Film Review)

  One of the most heartfelt films for 2014 Still Alice opens wide this weekend. Having lived with the debilitating forces of Alzheimer’s within my family I can say it’s a very realistic depiction. The film has an excellent director with a crew and cast that’s perfectly lead by Julianne Moore in the title role. It’s a […]

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Selma, a Flashback to a Landmark for Equal Rights (Film Review)

  Bold, poignant and triumphant, the movie Selma shows the determination of a leader who guides his devoted followers to equal rights. Not just for them, but all races who have been denied the right to choose the leader of this country. Teeming with a core of fine actors under the direction of Ava DuVernay, […]

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Beloved Sisters, a Stunning Tableau with a Captivating Story (Foreign Film Review)

  Based on true facts the gorgeous period piece Beloved Sisters provides a sweeping canvas of romance and aristocratic life during the late 1700s Germany. The light drama delves into a period in the life of poet Friedrich Schiller who became enamored with the Lengefeld sisters that lived Germany’s upper class. If you like to indulge in long nicely […]

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