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“Rudderless” Life Off Course (Film Review)

  Taking a turn at directing William H. Macy offers a nicely acted drama with music and a little comedy called Rudderless. The indie movie, targeted for the adult crowd, takes you into the life of a family man who has to deal with the tragic loss of is son. It’s a gripping story that […]

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“The Judge” an Acting Duel of the Best Kind (Film Review)

  This story may sound a little familiar, but the acting in The Judge far outweighs any other production of its kind. It’s a first time acting collaboration between Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall giving fans absorbing and gripping performances that will leave a lasting tribute well after you have left the theater. For […]


“Kill the Messenger” Poignant and Provocative (Film Review)

  Sometimes you just want to scream when you witness an appalling injustice. Point of statement, the subject of the true story Kill the Messenger. The movie takes you on a trail that opens old wounds about the American CIA and the tactics used for a means to an end. Very good performances all around, […]


“Gone Girl” a Baffling Crime Thriller (Film Review)

  It may be a little long, get pretty dicey and turn your head in disgust, but Gone Girl will win you over in the end. The brilliantly written crime drama has this year’s top performances, creative direction and enough twists to curl a whole head of hair. From its cunning elementary opening the audience […]

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“The Equalizer” Denzel gets Bold and Brutal (Film Review)

  Returning to the screen with a very pervasive performance, Denzel Washington stars as a vigilante marauder in The Equalizer.  Providing a character with high intensity the movie conjures up memories of the violence in Safe House, Man on Fire and Training Day, three of Washington’s most fierce portrayals. There’s not much comedy to lighten […]

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“This is Where I Leave You” a Family on the Edge (Film Review)

  Working with an extremely good cast This is Where I Leave You opens in theaters for an adult audience.  While the film does entertain, no doubt about it, it’s hard to get over the feeling that I’ve seen it before.  Not that the trailer gives it all away, but the film August: Osage County […]

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“The Drop” A Gripping Crime Drama (Film Review)

  Probably the darkest crime drama’s you’ll see this year and that’s a good thing.  The film The Drop takes you into the hazy world of crime that has only one way out, a body bag.  Stellar acting, fine executed direction and a suspense filled plot that will keep you glued to the screen.  The […]

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