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[VIDEO] Cowabunga!!! Lindalee Rose Checks Out the TMNT: Out of the Shadows 3D In-Theater Displays!

On this episode, Lindalee Rose visits Midnight Oil Agency in North Hollywood, California, to learn more about the new in-theater 3D displays, created by MOA, for the upcoming movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. As a recent fan of the Nickelodeon/Paramount CGI/Live Action film version of the TMNT franchise, our resident Junior […]

[VIDEO] BTM EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of Nickelodeon’s New Animated Show ‘Miraculous’

BTM Junior Reporter; Lindalee Rose heads to the design studios of ZAG in Glendale, CA to go behind the scenes of the new Nickelodeon animated show; “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cart Noir”. Produced by ZAG Studios, this new all-new 3D CGI-animated, action-sitcom series is currently the #1 kids show in France, Korea and now […]


Ghosts of the Abyss, a Titanic Doc (Video Review)

If you missed this documentary when it came out in IMAX 3D Disney gives you a second chance to see Ghosts of the Abyss with their release on home video of a 3D Blu-ray combo pack.  The three-disc set has the 61-minute theatrical release plus the 92-minute DVD release with 30 minutes of additional footage.  […]

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Wrath of the Titans, Action 3D Adventure (Film Review)

This sequel called Wrath of the Titans happens to be one of those films that if you hadn’t seen the first one, you may get a little lost in the plot. Not, that the plot is very difficult here, but read the following film description and you male tweens to twenties should get the idea […]

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