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Oz 3D boxart

Oz the Great and Powerful, Sparkling in 3D (Video Review)

  The bold, dazzling and dramatic Oz the Great and Powerful comes to 3D Blu-ray with excellent quality. Nearly critic proof, the film brought one of the largest box office returns for 2013. However, although the film is a masterpiece of cinematography and CGI, the acting and direction do have problems.  The film has also […]

Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan star in THE HOST

The Host, Meyer’s Odd Romance at the Movies (Film Review)

  Bringing her new book to the screen, Writer/Producer Stephenie Meyer tries for a good opening this weekend for the film adaptation of The Host.  Hitting the target audience with a jolt of romance fantasy, the teens to twenties females should give the film a strong attendance. However, with hardly any promotion of the film, […]

CLOUD post

Cloud Atlas, a Complex Fantasy (Film Review)

Tedious comes to mind after watching this tale of fantasy that spans six time periods within five centuries played out in nearly 3 hours.  Cloud Atlas, although an admirable piece of movie making tends to be so complex that viewers I’m afraid, will just not get it.  It’s a brain teaser of sorts, one that […]

MARQUEE MAMA Reviews Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE (Film Review)

The title of this movie alone was enough to make me laugh every time I saw a promo.  It was not enough, however, to carry my good feelings through to the end of “Frankenweenie.” Click ahead to read my review of the film!

ONCE box art

Once Upon a Time, a Magical Season on Blu-ray (Video Review)

One of the best series this year in my estimation Once Upon a Time: the Complete First Season has been released on Blu-ray in a box set. This fairytale has all the frills of a theatrical release including some nice special effects, commendable acting and a very good storyline. Intriguing, creative and exciting after the […]

The Perfect Storm: MOONRISE KINGDOM (Film Review)

Quirkiness can be a difficult vehicle to tell a story. In the case of director Wes Anderson (who also co-wrote Moonrise Kingdom with Roman Coppola), it can sometimes mean style over substance. His films The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and The Royal Tenenbaums were drenched in style that at times overpowered the essence of […]

Season of the Witch: ParaNorman (Film Review)

In a summer where a few tentpole films have underperformed at the box office, there’s a small gem that may be a bright light in the dog days of August. Directors Sam Fell and Chris Butler tell the story of a young misfit who sees dead people and becomes entangled in a witch’s curse that […]

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