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“Under the Skin” A Provocative Chiller (Film Review)

  Dark, brooding wicked, seductive, mesmerizing and more, Under the Skin is a vision of disturbing eroticism and mystery.  Featuring an absorbing performance by Scarlett Johansson in a complex role with many empty pages of dialogue, the film shamelessly burros into the viewers mind.  Slowly letting out clues, director Jonathan Glazer leads his audience on […]


“Gabrielle” A Poignant Story of Love and Music (Foreign Film Review)

  Poignant, enlightening and romantic the movie Gabrielle tells a compelling story of a young woman challenged by her genetic disorder.  Directed with a keen sense of understanding by Louise Archambault the film works with several anxieties including rite of passage, family influence, dealing with peers, coming of age and sexuality. The acting is brilliant […]


“Transcendence” Tampering with the Future (Film Review)

  Working on its viewers with the promise of a chilling Sci-Fi thriller, in the end Transcendence fails to deliver. While the beginning of the film does offer an intriguing view of what could happen if a research company developed independent network with enough power and information to find a cure for cancer, the movie […]

DRAFT DAY poster

“Draft Day” A Tension Packed Drama (Film Review)

  With the NFL Draft a month away, the movie Draft Day will be hoping for a lengthy run at the box-office. The film takes you to the innards of high pressure picking and trading not seen during a real NFL draft.  We saw one side of the coin, player management, in the movie Jerry […]


“Raid 2″ An Action Packed Crime War (Foreign Film Review)

  It’s a knock down drag out fight to the finish in The Raid 2: Berandal a chopsocky film that unleashes nearly every known hand-to-hand fighting method in a period of two and a half hours.  The action crime film takes the viewer on a gut wrenching ride reminiscent of Jet Li in The Enforcer.  […]

Capt Amer POSTER

“Captain America” An Action Packed Thriller (Film Review)

  Next to the Iron Man series, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes in a close second.  The very compelling storyline, creative action, excellent direction and above all good acting combine to put this super hero in the forefront.  Not so sci-fi fantasy, the Captain works to protect and serve. He’s an Ethan Hunt […]


“Le Week-End” A Marriage-Go-Round” (Film Review)

  Charming, realistic and yet scary the comedy/drama Le Week-End takes you into a world with a bleak look at an aging couple that finds themselves entering a difficult time in their lives without a golden parachute.  Delightfully acted and brilliantly directed, the film is a mental picture of the evolution of a marriage. Tweet


“Pirate Fairy” Magically Delightful (Video Review)

  Fun for the little ladies and the rest of the family, The Pirate Fairy comes to Blu-ray in a fashionable combo pack that includes the DVD and Digital HD.  Following up on the success of Secret of the Wings, this wondrous adventure puts the fairies in overdrive.  The frivolity with the little darlings continues […]


“Grand Budapest Hotel” A Comical Escapade (Film Review)

  Quirky and comical Wes Anderson’s newest release The Grand Budapest Hotel follows the same pattern as several of his past work, but this one outdoes them all.  The sets, special computer graphics, costumes and other production values take you to a whimsical world of mystery and murder as only Anderson can depict.  If you […]

FROSEN boxart

“FROZEN” Icy Hot on Blu-ray (Video Review)

  Disney goes back to its roots with Frozen a show tune filled animated adventure for the whole family.  Now in a 2 Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack the Oscar Winner for Best Animated Film and Best Song the animated feature is filled with song, action and comedy. Featuring memorable characters that are bound to attract […]

ON MY WAY poster

“On My Way” A Charming French Film (Foreign Film Review)

  A cute little French comedy starring Oscar nominee Catherine Deneuve has made its way to theaters.  It’s called On My Way and the quirky French film features an unexpected road trip with a captivating storyline.  Well acted and produced, the film is an endearing look at a smidgen of France’s rustic countryside and a […]

Divergent POSTER

“Divergent” A Young Adult Thriller (Film Review)

  Looking to take over where other young adult films have made big splashes, Divergent takes center stage at the box-office this weekend.  Taking aim at this very lucrative market the film features actors that are engaging, a story that’s hip enough to garner their interest and a top notch production that envisions the tale […]

NEED Poster

“Need for Speed” Hot Cars Fuel Action Film (Film Review)

  Hot cars, hot women and hotheads cut loose in Need for Speed an action packed film that will make your head spin. It’s a little of Smokey and the Bandit, a measure of Fast and Furious and a lot of Cannonball Run, and that’s a good thing.  Much like those films, Need for Speed […]


“Bethlehem” A Complex Suspense Thriller (Foreign Film Review)

  A cat and mouse thriller, Bethlehem comes to the United States with a complex story that features real places and issues.  The film was Israel’s entrant to the Academy Awards and has received much attention when it played at film festivals around the world.  Now in theaters the film gives insight into the workings […]


“Rise of an Empire” The Greeks Strike Back (Film Review)

  Not all sequels of movies work unless they were a blockbuster, had an unfinished story to tell and had characters that were likeable enough to warrant more screen time. In the case of 300: Rise of an Empire it had an uphill battle to capture all three of the justifications and it comes out […]

NONSTOP poster

“Non-Stop” A Thriller at 40,000 Feet (Film Review)

  Filled with suspense and edge of your seat thrills, Non-Stop does a good job of keeping the audience off balance to the very end.   Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who helmed the horror thriller Orphan combined with notables in lead roles, the film has excellent potential for a good weekend run.  If you like your […]

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“Thor: The Dark World” Crushes on Blu-ray (Video Review)

  The gods are with us and they have saw fit to release Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World in a 3D Blu-ray combo that includes a Blu-ray and DVD.  The action filled Sci-Fi Fantasy thriller makes its way from the world of Asgard with one of the best sequels of the popular comic book series […]

3DAYS KILL poster x

“3 Days to Kill” A Spy Thriller (Film Review)

  Emotionally and action charged 3 Days to Kill features a fine cast, direction by McG and top notch cinematography.  The CIA thriller follows a script by Luc Beeson who also oversees the movie as producer.  Taught drama mixed with tongue in cheek comedy makes for a cool secret agent film that should appeal to […]

ROBO poster

“Robocop” All Action and Thrills (Film Review)

  Although quite predictable, Robocop does entertain.  Targeted to the tweens, teens and twenties the movie gets right into the action from the beginning, lags somewhat in the middle then ends with a loud crescendo. My fellow critics may disagree with my assessment, but I did like the film very much. It reminds me of […]


“Winter’s Tale” A Terminal Romance (Film Review)

  Miracles and Mayhem cloud Winter’s Tale, a romantic saga that’s extremely predictable and falls short on acting.  The film tries to be a mystery of sorts and almost achieves its goal, until the devil comes into the picture and from there on the movie slowly falls apart.  Laughable at times, the story loses its […]

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