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GET ON UP poster art

“Get on Up” Pops and Rocks (Film Review)

  Impressive, the film Get on Up has a fine cast, direction and a story that’s compelling.  It entertains on two levels, a heartrending biography and the music that changed America. The film is directed by Tate Taylor who brought The Help to the screen and here he tackles a difficult bio with an uplifting […]


“Guardians of the Galaxy” a MARVEL’ous Adventure (Film Review)

  Flashy, perilous and action packed the movie Guardians of the Galaxy plows into theaters this weekend and it’s good.  Not even 10 minutes into the film and the roller coaster ride begins in this space adventure battleground for control of the universe.  Well acted and directed the movie laces eye popping CGI with fine […]


“Lucy” A Non-stop Action-thriller (Film Review)

  Out of nowhere comes Lucy a wild ride of mind over matter from Writer/Director Luc Besson.  This cunning thriller opens with excitement and never stops the action to the very end. It’s my idea of a true Sci-Fi thriller that tantalizes your brain with possibilities beyond belief, and then takes you even further with […]

BOYHOOD poster 1

“Boyhood” A Study of Growing Pains (Film Review)

Not many or any of the filmmakers that have made films in my lifetime have ever taken a chance on a production that would take 12 years in the making. No, Boyhood is not one of those blockbuster films that takes years of animation, or documentaries that have a lot of structure or even Mother […]

WOLFatDOOR poster

“A Wolf at the Door” A Traumatic Nail-biter (Film Review)

Probably one of the best foreign films I’ve seen thus far this year, A Wolf at the Door tells a wicked story that boggles the mind and carries a nasty punch.  Delivering excellent performances all around, writer/director Fernando Coimbra puts his film at the level of City of God.  Working with a true incident so […]

SEXTAPE poster

“Sex Tape” an Adults Only Comedy (Film Review)

It’s a wild romp of love making in the newest hard R film, Sex Tape.  The funny little comedy shows what can happen when you find yourself losing track of a personal filming of a bedroom escapade.  Strictly for adults, the voyeuristic adventure is nicely directed and acted. If you do not blush easily, are […]


“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” a Fight for Justice (Film Review)

  If you are looking for action and drama this summer, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has both.  The science fiction adventure does a terrific job of depicting the apes with realism and their ongoing battle with the humans a thrill ride.  Fine acting, CGI/Cinematography and directing make this one sequel you will […]

TAMMY Poster1

TAMMY – A Wacky Road Trip (Film Review)

Totally askew, the new comedy starring and written by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband, Ben Falcone, plays out more like a YouTube video than a major motion picture.  Called Tammy, the film puts together a number of McCarthy sight gags that fall flat, very unlike The Heat in which she shines.  Maybe her shtick […]


“Transformers: Age of Extinction” – Not Yet on the Endangered List (Film Review)

Pushing the envelope over the edge of his previous three films with a more explosive action adventure that burns up the screen, Michael Bay presses the panic button with Transformers: Age of Extinction.  The fast paced destruction filled film out does anything you have seen this year and maybe ever.  With his hand on the […]

LECHEF poster art

“Le Chef” A Nice Helping of Good Comedy (Foreign Film Review)

Nicely written, directed and acted, the movie Le Chef conjures up visions of such films as Ratatouille and the creative Julie & Julia. The very quick witted movie takes food preparation to another level.  While other films have tried and failed, this little indie had me glued to the screen with every scene.  If you […]


“Jersey Boys” A Rocking Good Time (Film Review)

  Creating a blast from the past, Clint Eastwood delivers Jersey Boys the rocking musical that took Broadway by storm.  Creating more of a drama than a song fest, the movie takes the audience from the Four Seasons chaotic beginning to stardom.  Using the lead actor from the original Broadway cast the movie emulates more […]


“Ida” a Compelling Post WWII Drama (Foreign Film Review)

  The taut drama Ida takes a turn at the box-office with a black and white stunner that spins back the clock to 1960’s Poland.  A work of art for the screen this indie has powerful performances and creative direction that blows you away. Not an ordinary film involving Jewish war casualties, this one does […]


The Laughter Continues “22 Jump Street” (Film Review)

  Taking step two, the sequel 22 Jump Street sends the boys to college.  The hilarious comedy extends the life of the series by one and puts Jump Street on a road to a possible franchise.  Sit through to the end just as the credits roll for some very funny poster takes on possible new […]


A Million Laughs in “A Million Ways to Die in the West” (Film Review)

  Taking his comedy show to the Arizona desert, Seth MacFarlane presents A Million Ways to Die in the West.  It’s a rollicking comedy that has more pratfalls than his previous film, even though Ted has a charm that cannot be duplicated.  That said however, MacFarlane pleases with his deadpan humor that never seems to […]

CHINESE poster

Fitting the Pieces Together “Chinese Puzzle” (Film Review)

  A creative romantic comedy with a nicely complicated story Chinese Puzzle turns up the heat this weekend.  Connecting the two most romantic cities in the world, Paris and New York, the film lays out a story that’s fun and filled with chaos of the heart.  If you are a moviegoer that craves a good […]

X-MEN poster 1

“X-Men” A Major Rollercoaster Ride (Film Review)

  Exciting and action packed, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes center stage for a weekend box office blow-out.  The monstrous blockbuster should take Marvel Comic fans by storm with a relentless rollercoaster ride into yester-years and back to the future using most every mutant in the graphic novels. The CGI factor is at a […]

Love-Punch POSTER

“The Love Punch” Romancing the Stone (Film Review)

  A very odd romance spools out in the movie The Love Punch.  Not very conceivable, the cast finds themselves trying to save millions in a James Bond like caper that has shades of early jaunts by the star of this film Pierce Brosnan. While it’s not really that over the top, chances are you’ll […]

MILLION ARM poster 1

“Million Dollar Arm” Delivers a Strike (Film Review)

  Based on a true story, Walt Disney Pictures brings another fine movie to the screen involving sports.  Returning to baseball Million Dollar Arm opens in local theaters throughout America in the midst of the pros 154th season.  Dramatically presented adding comedy and sweet tears, the movie has all the trappings of a good run […]


“Godzilla” is Back ‘Stomp, Stomp, Roar!’ (Film Review)

  Stomp, Stomp, Roar! Stomp, Stomp, Roar! What more do you need from an action film that features one of the top icons in the monster world, Godzilla.  It’s not the story that you go to see with this movie, it’s the massive destruction, electrifying battles and the incredible CGI that makes it all look […]


“Neighbors” Adequately Humerously Crazy (Film Review)

  Welcoming the new neighbors; or not.  If you thought you saw wild and crazy in Project X and liked the movie, then it’s time to check out the Neighbors.  It’s a silly war between a frat that’s been kicked off campus and their next door family.  Although it has its moments and will probably […]

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